The organizers of Jammertest are excited to announce that the  Jammertest 2024  has gained  record-high interest  from around the world, with over  300 applicants  for this year’s event.  

Advancing PNT Security 

As we get more reliant on satellite technology, the threats of jamming and spoofing directly jeopardize our personal and national security. Jamming and spoofing may disrupt the signals essential for everyday tasks, hindering communication, navigation systems, and potentially even emergency services, putting safety at risk. However, ongoing research in a unique collaborative event offer promising solutions to improve our security. 

 The Jammertest is a collaborative effort to strengthen digital infrastructure and protect the critical services that support our modern societies. Jammertest is organized by the Norwegian public roads administration, Norwegian communications authority, Norwegian Defence research establishment, Norwegian Metrology Service, and Norwegian Space agency, Norwegian Mapping Authority and Testnor, with the aim of advancing Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) security.  

Sophisticated Attacks and Robustness Testing 

At Jammertest participants are given the opportunity to subject their  systems and products  to thorough examination. Both  simple and sophisticated spoofing and jamming attacks  are taking place, allowing actors from the public and private sectors to identify potential weaknesses in their equipment. These attacks simulate real-world scenarios, testing the resilience of critical systems against both unintentional disruptions and intentional threats. 

During the 2023 test week,  264 comprehensive tests were conducted, exploring various aspects such as sensor fusion, radio frequency interference (RFI) countermeasures, and combinations of GNSS (global satellite navigation systems) with other PNT sources. The insights gained from these tests contribute directly to enhancing the robustness and reliability of PNT systems worldwide. 


Growing Impact and Importance 

This year marks the  third consecutive year that the Jammertest is being held on Andøya, and its influence continues to expand. The test has gained international attention in the position, navigation and timing (PNT) industry. “We are constantly faced with the threats of accidental and malicious interference with GNSS. And the threats are constantly evolving. Regularly testing equipment under real world conditions is essential to protecting these vital services”, says Dana A. Goward, President in Resilient Navigation & Timing Foundation. 

This year's Jammertest, taking place in September,  has gained  record-high interest  from around the world, with over  300 applicants from 120 organizations and 20 countries interested to take part in the  event.